Thinking of visiting the Wonderful Paradise Island of Bohol, Philippines?

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The Gabriella offers hotel-quality Bed & Breakfast accommodation to foreign guests and local travelers. It is the best place to stay while exploring the beautiful Island of Bohol. We offer reasonable rates and competetive Tour Packages that cater to the needs and interests of our guests. "The Gabriella Bed & Breakfast is situated at a very cozy place surrounded by green trees and fresh air, a perfect place to relax and breathe after a very tiring day. It is designed to give a home-made-comfort and satisfaction thus making visitors feel at home.

With "The Gabriella", every guest is treated as VIP.

All the comforts of home are at hand and the environment speaks of home. And what about "Hotel Service?" Yes, you can feel it upon arrival as you step into our airconditioned van;every guest is a VIP and will experience firsthand our world-famous Bohol hospitality from arrival to departure

Inclusive of the built-in convenience of your room accommodation are the following :.

  • Free pickup/drop-off on arrival and departure - (Applies to minimum of 2 night stay only and "Full Rate" bookings - Does not apply to "Discounted Rates")
  • Free welcome drinks;
  • Free breakfast for two;

We also provide the following personal services :

  • Spa, massage, manicure/pedicure;
  • Souvenir items.

Please feel free to inquire from our front desk staff for other services that you may need.

At the Gabriella, we are at your service.


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Bohol is widely known for its breath taking natural wonders and amazing landmarks. It is oval-shaped and is located in the central part of the visayas region. Bohol is an island which consists of 73 islets surrounding its entirety. The largest among the minor islands that surround Bohol is Panglao Island which sits close to Tagbiralan City.

Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippine archipelago. Its surrounding

major islands are Cebu, which lies at the west part of Bohol across Bohol Strait, the island of Leyte to the North East and the island of Mindanao to the South across the Bohol Sea.

Bohol is a small island with so much to offer. Everybody loves Bohol. The boholanos, you will love their simplicity and genuine hospitality.

The native language spoken in Bohol is Bisaya which is a dialect of Cebu called Cebuano. Many of the residents speak other dialects and languages like Tagalog (dialect of Luzon), Chinese and English. English - Tagalog (Filipino) Translator  

Boholanos are predominantly Roman Catholic. They are God - Fearing people. Aside from Roman Catholic, there are also various religious affiliations that presently exist in the province.

Bohol is often referred to as the "Jewel Of The Philippines" because of its numerous gems and glamour. Beneath its small geographical structure lies a huge amount of Beauty and Wealth.

Hills dominate the island of Bohol. This fact is evidenced by the unusual geographical formation of the estimated 1,268 - 1,776


individual near perfect cone-shaped hills distributed through the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. These hills are made up of limestones completely covered with grasses. In between hills, the lands are cultivated by the residents to grow rice and crops for a living. Myth explains that these limestones were leftover from the coral reefs during the ice age when the island was submerged. These near perfect cone-shape-hills covered with green grasses are widely known as the "Chocolate Hills".

Chocolate Hills highlights the island of Bohol. It is very, very popular.

This is one of the very reasons why Bohol is packed with thousands of local and foreign travelers everyday. Why is this called Chocolate Hills?

During rainy season, the grasses starts to grow on these hills. They look so fresh and so green. But on summer seasons where the sun starts to dominate the sky, these healthy and green grasses will become dry and eventually die. The so green grasses dramatically turns into brown color.

Now, this is where the magical transition comes in. When you look at those hills from a panoramic view, wow....this would really amaze you because you're like looking at thousands of chocolate kisses unfolding before your eyes. Read More


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Click Here To Book Your Upcoming Events
Like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding Receptions, Graduation Parties, Private Dinner Parties, Reunions and other events.
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